Open Call for Submissions to Spectra, OBW’s Upcoming LGBTQIA+ Magazine

Spectra is One Blue Wall’s second addition to its annual social issues magazine, and this year, we seek to provide a creative platform for art and writing of Louisvillian high school students of the LGBTQIA+ community. Because our contributions are often overlooked in the art and literary world, this magazine is a celebration of our lives as we are, and as we want to live them. 

Submit art and writing (including photography) to get your piece(s) published and the chance to win a monetary prize! The magazine will give monetary prizes up to $100 dollars for our first, $50 for second, and $25 third place in two different categories, art and writing.


  • Submissions are due February 29th 
  • To submit email your piece to (please include “Spectra” in the subject line of the email) and fill out our Google form
  • Content of submissions must have some theme or element associated with the LGBTQIA+ community (LBGTQIA+ characters, personal experiences, themes of fluidity, identity, etc.). We are looking for pieces that are simultaneously creatively rendered and also speaking directly to the diverse and multifaceted experiences within the various LGBTQIA+ spectrums–or, perhaps we should say, spectra. We keep the prompt vague with the intention of keeping submissions unique and fostering artistic expression/freedom.
  • You must currently attend a high school in Louisville 
  • No length requirements for submissions
  • You can submit as many entries in both categories as you want
  • Art submissions can be of any medium; including photography
    • Submit art via a high resolution image or scan 
    • A written explanation of your piece within the submission email, if your prefer
  • This contest prioritizes students in the LGBTQIA+ community, but everyone is welcome to submit so long as your piece(s) fit the theme, although people who aren’t of the community are ineligible for prize money.
  • Rubric can be found here


Direct all further inQueeries to: Conley Combs
or at (502)338-4078


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