Leave The Light On

Leave The Light On is One Blue Wall’s 2018-19 print magazine that curates the works of the young artists of Louisville.

Leave the Light On explores how monsters follow us from childhood into adulthood. Since children often have trouble comprehending trauma and consequence, they’ll project their fears and anxieties onto a figurative interpretation: a boogeyman. These monsters can be tangible or intangible– after all, memories can be just as menacing as mothman. They can also be monsters you’ve made friends with, monsters you’ve made amends with, and the monsters that you’ve been. We are also looking for art, poetry, or prose that explores the limbo between real and unreal that follows us throughout childhood: monsters lurk under the bed just as surely as stop signs are red. Leave the Light On wants to know who your monsters were, and how they shaped you. Myths, legends, cultural campfire stories– One Blue Wall wants it all.

To be eligible to submit, you must be a high school student. If you are not a student at Manual, please include the school that you are currently attending in your submission. For more information on submissions, visit our submit page.

For further information on Leave the Light On, view our presentation.

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